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Translation Bloopers: Debt Bather

23 May

Thanks to Rina Ne’eman for bringing this gem to my attention. Source: http://mysite.verizon.net/~maeir/WorstTranslatedSign.jpg


Translation Bloopers: It Eats While Commanding

14 Apr

Not quite sure what the good situation is at the Chinese eatery in Kyoto where I had my lunch earlier today, but the many dishes my son Joe and I had were definitely delicious. Unexpectedly, the sign also commented on my unfortunate habit of dispensing advice to my children while eating.

Photo by Jiri Stejskal

Translation Bloopers: Run a Little

12 Apr

I bet that if you run a lot you can get to the cable car in five minutes!

Translation Bloopers: Asian Fusion

10 Apr

Bon apetit!

Translation Bloopers: Welcome to Zapata’s!

9 Apr

Not sure if you are a prostitute? Let Zapata’s friendly Chinese staff help you figure it out! Sometimes even when the translation is grammatically correct, it does not transfer well accross cultures.

Translation Bloopers: Should You Have a Commet

5 Nov
During my recent trip to Macau, China, I was impressed with the English signage – compared to my previous trips to this area, the English signs are in great shape. Here is one exception:

Sign on a paper towel dispenser in Macau, China

Photo taken by Jiri Stejskal
CETRA Language Solutions

Translation Bloopers: Litchiquintessence Modulate

14 Aug

When inspecting our tea cabinet for more gems like the Famous Viewing Tea, I came across the following description of a lychee black tea we brought back home from China:

“Litchi black tea cooperate with litchiquintessence modulate withhigh-quality black tea ,fragrant to assail the nostrilsfruit have,tea bad smellstrong, enter the mouth thinto slip, its appearance pieceSuo form detailed and straight closely,the colorand luster is dark and moist,interior quality fragranceis fragrant,flavour is freshand comfortable andfragrant and sweet,beingcolor red and on,soup there is flavor of litchies,helpdigest,clear up stomachand wake up brainrefreshing efficiency.”

By Jiri Stejskal
CETRA Language Solutions