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Poorly Translated Web Content Alienates European Internet Users

24 May

By Matt Train, TranslateMedia

Europe is a significant frontier for businesses, particularly those involved in e-commerce. Recent figures have shown that 24.2% of the world’s Internet users come from the European Union. Germany has the most European web surfers with 65.1 million users, followed by Russia with 59.7 million users, and then the UK with 51.4 million users. The total figure for European Internet users is 475 million, which represents a remarkable 352% growth since 2000.

A recent survey by the EU Eurobarometer, however, has indicated that European web users are frustrated by a lack of native language content. According to the latest research, over half of all European Internet surfers use a language other than their native tongue when online, with 44% of those surveyed stating that this was a barrier to truly understanding the online content.

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The Rosetta Foundation is making a difference and you can, too

11 May

Friends of The Rosetta Foundation micro-invest in the future of six billion people

Language is one of our most precious gifts. Yet, many people are denied the use of their language to access healthcare, education, justice. Help to remove the language service and technology access barriers for “non-commercially viable” languages and content. Let’s prove the 20th century business people wrong!

Become a micro-investor in the future of the six billion people who have not yet joined the digital age because they are not “financially viable”. Make a difference and donate ten euro per month to The Rosetta Foundation (TRF). Join the hundreds of supporters who develop and maintain the infrastructure for free translation and localization to nonprofit organizations!

Click here to set up your monthly micro-investment with PayPal.

Reinhard Schaler, the CEO of TRF, will keep you up to date on the progress of the organization’s work and the return on your social micro-investment.

The Rosetta Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation (charity) registered in Ireland. It supports the not-for-profit activities of the localization and translation communities.

Global Language Services Market Size

4 Jun

According to the May 2010 report of Common Sense Advisory (CSA), the global market for outsourced services and technology relating to the transfer of information from one language into another is more than US$26 billion – nearly double previous estimates. This includes written translation, software localization, website globalization, spoken language interpreting, voiceover work, dubbing, subtitling, and ancillary services such as desktop publishing and multilingual transcription. In the same report, CSA also published a list of the top 35 global language services providers. In addition to the usual suspects such as Lionbridge, Language Line, Transperfect, and SDL, the list also includes Hewlett-Packard’s Application and Content Globalization group, which comes in as number one on the list with reported revenues of US$457 million. That makes one wonder about similar groups within Microsoft, IBM, or Adobe, not to mention the US Government’s National Virtual Translation Center or the European Commission’s Directorate-General for translation services with 1,750 translators and 600 support staff and its counterpart for interpretation services with 500 staff interpreters and an army of freelancers. The size of the global market for language services is difficult to determine because most providers are privately owned and shy about disclosing their data, and because there is no general agreement on what services are included in this market. Any comments and observations are welcome!

By Jiri Stejskal
CETRA Language Solutions